More then 65 years
of excellent work

Система менеджмента качества OOO "NP ESAN" сертифицирована национальным органом по сертификации НИИ СМС


“NP ESAN” Ltd has a unique history of development. From the first days the enterprise holds high positions in the service companies’ rate. It is caused by highly qualified personnel and effective traditions. We have a multi-level quality control and promotion of the end-use executive for qualitative work.

The age range of specialists varies from 18 to 65 years or more, collective work and leisure-time activities of the specialists of different age groups provide a necessary succession of generations.
The Organization was founded in 1947 to offer a full range of commissioning in energy facilities of Central Asia and South Kazakhstan.
In the years of a rapid industrial development of the region there was a need for a specialized commissioning organization. Our organization was rested a huge responsibility on.
“NP ESAN” Ltd being a specialized commissioning organization, has over 60-year-old experience in adjustment of:
  • electrotechnical equipment;
  • control and measuring instruments (CMI);
  • process protections and alarms;
  • heat automation and automatic control system of technological processes (industrial control);
  • emergency automation devices of power systems;
  • carrier-current communication and telemechanics
We conducted qualitative commissioning in:
  • electric power stations (TPS, HPP, HPS);
  • petrochemical enterprises;
  • gas-compressor stations;
  • large system substations of up to 500 kV voltage;
  • traction substations for electrification of rail transport;
  • power facilities of large-scale industrial enterprises.
In the territory of Central Asia and South Kazakhstan, the Enterprise specialists put into operation almost all system substations with a voltage of 110-220-500 kV, power-generating units with capacity from 12 to 800 mWt in the area from Krasnovodskaya HPP in the west to Djambul state area electric power station (SAEPS) in the east
including in:
  • Bezmeinskaya TPS;
  • Takhiatashskaya TPS;
  • Angrenskaya TPS;
  • Tashkentskaya TPS;
  • Syr-Daryinskaya TPS;
  • Novo-Angrenskaya TPS;
  • Talimardjanskaya TPS;
  • Djambulskaya TPS;
  • Maryiskaya TPS;
cogeneration units in:
  • Ferganskaya thermal power plant;
  • Chimkentskaya thermal power plan;
  • Neftezavodskaya thermal power plan;
  • Krasnovodskaya thermal power plan;
  • Mubarekskaya thermal power plan
gas turbine units in: Nebitdatskaya gas-turbine power station (GTPS)
hydroturbine in:
  • Farkhadskaya HPS (hydroelectric power station);
  • Kairakkumskaya HPS (hydroelectric power station);
  • Irtisharskaya HPS (hydroelectric power station);
  • Taligulyanskaya HPS (hydroelectric power station);
  • Khishrauskaya HPS (hydroelectric power station);
  • Charvakskaya HPS (hydroelectric power station);
  • Gazalkentskaya HPS (hydroelectric power station);
  • Khodjikentskaya HPS (hydroelectric power station);
pumping stations with the units till 12 MW in:
  • Amu-Bukharskaya and Karshinskaya trunk channels;
  • “Arnasay” pumping stations no. 1 and no. 2.

During the years of Independence –

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