More then 65 years
of excellent work

Система менеджмента качества OOO "NP ESAN" сертифицирована национальным органом по сертификации НИИ СМС

Quality warranty

High quality and reliability of the adjusted equipment operation are ensured by the engineering training of the production, application of the specialized test equipment and instrumentation, highly skilled personnel and its training on a permanent basis.

Over 250 men including about 190 engineers and technicians of high qualification work in the Enterprise, also there function a metrological service and industrial workshops. There are 10 production divisions in the structure of the Enterprise which have their own production plants.

Important contributions to the work quality insurance make the supporting subdivisions which execute:
  • quality management;
  • metrological support;
  • policing measures on technical and fire safety;
  • transport service provision of the works.

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