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Система менеджмента качества OOO "NP ESAN" сертифицирована национальным органом по сертификации НИИ СМС
ООО “NP ESAN” Ltd. performs commissioning in various industries throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan, CIS and foreign countries. Decisive authority of our Enterprise is created and maintained by highly qualified personnel. Just for this reason the Enterprise personnel policy is based on a flexible selection of candidates by specialization, sociability and qualifications. The enterprise has a worked-out system of a personnel training and a multi-level system for the qualifications determination.

Candidates of all disciplines are required with uniform requirements on sociability, teamwork skills and ability to take initiative within the competence subject to the strict observance of the internal discipline rules, safety and fire safety regulations.

All candidates at hiring to a job are interviewed and tested on the specialization to identify their qualification and sociability. By the interview results, in the case of favorable decision, the candidates will receive an instruction on compliance of the internal discipline rules and be referred to the personnel department, where their hiring be processed. In the personnel department the candidate will receive the referral to a medical examination, the primary instruction on compliance of the requirements of technical and fire safety rules.

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